i'm a programmer trans girl person who does cursed and sometimes interesting things with computers

i use she/her pronouns

you can email me at me@easrng.net, message me on Matrix at @easrng:yuri.im (ENNEKKUDFI), on XMPP at eaic@uwu.im (46139858 16c57365 07e2af44 a453f9af 0ce12d6e 43c0cd2c afdfdc72 b02d222f), or on Discord at eaic#2832.
i have a pgp key i guess (E298F630AE0996EED29CC44D278551B83A43D075)

i post on the fediverse at @easrng@cathode.church** and also on my blog sometimes.

this site is in the lavender.software webring