hi! i'm easrng, but you can call me em :3

i'm a programmer trans girl person who does cursed and sometimes interesting things with computers

i use she/her pronouns

you can email me at me@easrng.net, message me on Discord at easrng, or on Matrix at @easrng:yuri.im (i don't check it frequently though, remind me to log on elsewhere :P). i also had an XMPP account, but i don't use it anymore.

i post on my blog sometimes.

a neon cursive 'easrng' floating in spaceallissa's comfy burrow - now!it says 'Ezri' next to their fursona. the border is the nonbinary flag.it says 'EzriCloud' and has servers and another of ezri's OCs.maia arson crimew's kitten oc next to the text 'maia.crimew.gay'a little house next to the text 'versary town'a doodle on paper of mira's name plus a smiley devil girlthe mac os 10.6 wallpaper (pink) and the server variant (blue) turned into a trans flagsuricrasia onlinequeer pride!hosted on xenyth cloudKeep the web free, Say no to Web3piracy now! (free)